Brewery machine

The next revolution in home brewing

Brew the freshest beer possible at home with the OneDerBrew.

Home made beers

An all-in-one system

The OneDerBrew is a low cost system that allows you to create great tasting home brews. There is no transferring between containers which allows for exceptional beer every time. 

  • Ferment
  • Clarify
  • Extract yeast
  • Sample while you ferment
  • Carbonate
  • Dispense

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What makes us the best in home brewing?

  • Freshest possible beer
  • No Bottling
  • Very little mess or effort
  • Simulates microbrewery to make the best beer possible
  • Quick, usually one week
  • Expandable to 20 gallons in low cost increments
  • Experiment with new recipes without risking gallons of ingredients and investing a huge amount of time and effort on recipes that turn out to be less than spectacular. With the Original OneDerBrew, you can adjust your beer while it is fermenting!
  • Reduces aromas

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