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Pushing disc golf boundaries

Our team is passionate about evolving and pushing the boundaries of golf disc.

Disc golf

Revolutionizing the game

If you’re passionate about disc golf or just like to leisurely play with your friends, Quest AT has the discs for you. Our innovated and controversial designs lead the industry in flight characteristics and performance. We aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of disc golf, and that is proven by the P.D.G.A. creating rule changes to disallow our discs for “unfair competitive advantage”.

Designed with you in mind

If you throw your disc and if flips, you may be throwing it too hard. The disc may be spinning too fast and that causes too much lift on the left edge (if you’re a right hand thrower).

To solve this problem there are 3 approaches:
  • Concave Underwing – Counters the high speed flip issue, but causes a hard stall at the end of the flight.
  • Convex Underwing – Produces more turn initially, but has less fade (stall) at the end of the flight.
  • Straight Underwing – Provides a trade-off of the concave and convex underwing designs.


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