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OneDerBrew | Antioch, IL | Quest Applied Technologies | 847-521-6550

OneDerBrew MicroBrewery
by Quest Applied Technologies

The OneDerBrew™ is a device that can be used to turn any bar into a Microbrewery at a fraction of the current cost. Can also help you make your home into a personalized home-based Microbrewery. What it is, is a 1/6th barrel keg that is converted into a Uni-tank for fermenting beer. A uni-tank is the preferred method for fermenting as all the sedimentation settles in at the bottom of the cone (60-70 degrees) for easy removal . The OneDerBrew™ unit ferments, clarifies and carbonates all at once, it ferments under pressure which allows for quicker fermentation which makes the beer better faster than fermenting without pressure. There is a port at the bottom of the keg that would allow for sampling the beer as it ferments,without possibility of contamination so that the the attendant can know when the beer is complete. After fermentation is complete, the complete unit can be moved to the beer dispensing fridge and connected to a tap just like they would any other beer keg.

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Steve's OneDerBrew™ Story

My interest in home-brewing came about around 2000 when some friends of mine sparked my interest in brewing my own beer. First time going through the entire process I found myself with a brew I was not satisfied with and it did not taste good. Second time going through, about 20 days in, my nephew knocked over the carboy, containing this brew's second fermentation, with it ending up all over the floor. With all that work it brought me to question why you could not ferment and carbonate in one step. Thus my quest that lead me to the OneDerBrew™.

I set out first to read as many books as I could get my hands on and question some home-brewing experts.  These experts included authors such as Dave Miller, Charlie Papazian, and Al Korzonas.  My question was about being able to make beer all in one step, fermenting along with carbonation.  Being a Bio Medical Engineer I also conferred with Dean Marshall, an engineering scientist.  With a lot of consulting and research of what I had conceived could be, that fermenting and carbonating could be done at the same time, came to be possible.  Thus came the first OneDerBrew prototype.

This first prototype was made from two polycarbonate containers that  I welded together.  I brewed the beer in this new container in the microwave.  Then transferred the beer to a freezer to chill it to pitching temperature.  After that, pitched the yeast and closed the container with a pressure gauge plus a pressure regulator attached.  When a couple of hours had passed, it started to build pressure and I then adjusted the pressure regulator to maintain 15psi.  I then allowed the beer to ferment for a week.  After a week we tapped the beer and tasted it, and it tasted great.

Because of this success I began the work of the first version of the OneDerBrew™. This was designed to brew one gallon of beer in the microwave, then ferment, extract yeast, clarify and carbonate. After chilling the unit in a refrigerator the beer would be ready for serving. We made hundreds batches of beer and soda in this. Approximately one thousand units were sold online and at shows. We had a lot of satisfied customers. However a bigger 5 gallon version was requested. As a result the second version of the OneDerBrew™ was developed.

Our second version of the OneDerBrew™ coupled a standard 5 gallon bucket with a 60 degree conical cone.  This version we did not brew in the container, but still fermented, carbonated, and could be served out of it.  This version was displayed at the 2012 AHA, American Homebrewers Association, Conference in Seattle Washington.  Many home-brewers and experts, such as Charlie Papazian, John Palmer, Chris White from White Labs, were impressed.

September 2012 we released this second OneDerBrew™ to the public, and we have sold approximately 2000 units.  Even though the OneDerBrew™ is a completely new way of home brewing, instructors are starting to teach using this simplified method.

This brings us to the present, where we are now developing a unit that will be an all-in-one unit. Going from brewing, fermentation, clarifying, chilling, then serving a great home-brewed beer.  This is done within one container so as to diminish the chance of contamination.  This also creates a much more pleasant experience because less time and effort are needed to create a home-brew.

How we got to where we are now

The second version of the OneDerBrew™ was appreciated and liked because it was an affordable conical fermentor that could hold pressure, carbonate, ferment, clarify and serve after refrigeration. However, there was a desire for a stainless steel design. Problem is most stainless steel conical fermentors can not hold the pressure necessary to carbonate and yeast is not visible to determine when it should be removed . It became clear to us that a stainless steel keg (industry's standard pressurizable beverage container,) coupled to a clear conical base could make a fermentor that could hold carbonation pressures. Along with holding pressure the clear conical base would allow the brewer to see the yeast accumulating. Using a 1/6th barrel keg that bars are already accustomed to allows them to easily convert over to becoming a micro-brewery.


Who we are, Quest Applied Technologies

We here at Quest Applied Technologies, the creators and home of the OneDerBrew™, are a design, development, and manufacturing company. Because of this we are capable of delivering a high quality product. With 30 years of experience we have delivered over 5000 products world wide.

Design, mold construction, injection molding of plastic parts, modifying of the Corny Kegs, and assembly will all be done in house. The heating and cooling components are out sourced from local companies. Creating and delivering high quality products is a passion ours here at Quest Applied Technologies.

Current Status of Development

Currently this Microbrewery Version of the OneDerBrew has been thoroughly tested using machined prototype parts. Money raised from this KickStarter Campaign will help us purchase materials to build molds and further test the unit.

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